organizations founded:


Everybody DAnce Now! (2005)

Everybody Dance Now! uses the popularity and cultural history of hip hop dance to close opportunity gaps for low-income youth and communities of color. EDN! has served more than 20,000 youth and currently offers programming in over 20 cities, including regions such as: New York City, Santa Barbara (CA), Chicago, Houston, Portland, Boston, Inland Empire (CA), and York (PN).

center for intimacy justice (2019)

Center for Intimacy Justice is the first advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equal rules in business toward women’s sexual wellness companies — in order to catalyze innovation for women’s health and improve lives. Our work includes: (1) advocating for changes in business practices (e.g. digital advertising rules), and (2) educating investors and strategic audiences about opportunities in the women’s sexual wellness market, in order to move financial and network capital toward change.


rewrite ventures

Launching in Future: Rewrite Ventures is an investment vehicle committed to transforming our sexual culture to create kinder, safer and more joyful intimate relationships, through sextech. Rewrite invests in and helps catalyze companies that - for example - reduce gender based violence, support women’s pleasure and sexual wellness, and expand high-quality and inclusive sex education.