JACKIE HAS RECENTLY LAUNCHED THE center for intimacy justice

Read about the launch of CIJ, supporting innovation in women’s sexual wellness that contributes to equality here.

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In her LOWkeynotes talk, Jackie Rotman, MBA '19, shares how the business communty has not embraced female sexual wellness companies in the same way it has men's products, the impact this has on intimacy for women, and the role each of us can play in changing this.
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“I, for one, am fine with walking onto the subway and seeing giant penises obscured as cactuses; I would simply like to see some papayas alongside them.”

-Jackie Rotman, image credit Sophia Foster-Dimino



Jackie Rotman works at the intersections of business, sexual wellness, tech/sextech, and gender equality. She is the founder and CEO of the recently launched Center for Intimacy Justice, an advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equal rules in business that treat women's sexual wellness products as equally important to men's. Jackie has also worked on sextech investments -- in sex education and in contraception technology -- while working in venture capital with XSeed Capital and in women's health investing with Rhia Ventures (formerly called Reproductive Health Investors Alliance) and Tara Health Foundation

Previously, Jackie founded and nationally expanded Everybody Dance Now!, a youth development organization that uses the popularity and cultural history of hip hop dance to close opportunity gaps for low-income youth and communities of color. She also headed Spark, a US-based Millennial philanthropic network focused on women and girls’ empowerment. Jackie obtained her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business and will soon complete her MPA at Harvard Kennedy School. Click here for a fuller bio.